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No cash in your wallet? Never worry about searching for ATMs again. All you need is your smartphone and you're good to go!


Order, scan, receive, repeat. No need to wait for your change. Never having to repeat what you ordered, the waiter has it on his screen!


Get access to exclusive promotions. Order through Cheers and get up to 20% discount!


All transactions are executed in a super safe environment. We decided to partner up with SEQR. They take over as from the moment your bank account is involved. So no worries there !


Feel like having something special? The menu is at your fingertips! Ever had fun paying for stuff? Try it out, you'll love it.


Hungry, thirsty or do you just want to dance the night away? Let us guide you and discover places nearby !

How does it work ?

Looking for a great place to eat, have a drink or dance the night away? We handle everything from the venue through the ordering and the payment. We've also implemented a great feature that lets you create a group account and order for you and your friends !

Install Cheers on your smartphone (it's completely free). To keep things extremely cheap for our partners, we work with a prepaid system. This means you add credit to your Cheers account. With this credit, you can pay at all our partners. Just look for them in the list. Have a look at their menu, confirm your choice, sit back and get your stuff ! Security is important, that's why we teamed up with Bancontact and SEQR. They provide us with the safest environment for financial transactions, so no worries there.

Order through Cheers and get exclusive discounts of up to 20% ! Have a look at the screenshots to get a detailed overview of how it works.


Meet the Crew.

Interdisciplinary team with big ideas and challenges.

Johan Snels

General management

Johan is in charge of general management. His main occupations are Android Development, Accounting and Commercialization. He likes football a lot, which doesn't mean he's good at it.

Guillaume Métivier


Guillaume is our top-of-the-bill developer. He's specialized in iOS development, but also knows his way around general back-end development and database management. He currently lives in Paris.

Joeri De Keuster

Sales Manager

Joeri is in charge of our commercial team. He's an expert at expanding and maintaining the Cheers partner network. He has extensive experience in the areas of sales and marketing.

Become a partner


    How does it work?

  • We install a tablet at your bar
  • You can add different accounts for multiple (portable) scanners at no extra cost
  • This gives you a clear overview of all incoming orders
  • Real-time access to your order history
  • Have a look at our pricing options below

    What do we need from you?

  • The menu (.xls, .xlsx or .csv format)
  • A cool picture of your bar
  • Your contact details
  • Your bank account number (to transfer the amounts paid to your account)


Monthly fee + variable fee€50 + 2 %

  • € 150 startup cost
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Tablet included
  • Tablet installation
  • No hidden costs
  • Simple as that !

Data analysis pack€ 50 + 3 %

  • No startup cost
  • Unlimited transactions
  • Tablet included
  • Tablet installation
  • No hidden costs
  • Complete data analysis support

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